Thursday, March 12, 2015

Ila - Five Months!

Annnnnnd we're back!

So Ila is five months old.  I seem to be "How the heck is she already five months old?" and "Really? Only five months?  It seems like it's been longer..." at the same time.  It's flying by, but it seems like she's been with us all along.  Weird.

This month Ila learned how to roll from her back to her tummy and found her feet.  The feet thing is especially cute, and she spends a good portion of the day chewing on them.

She's chewing on everything actually since she's teething.  Those bottom two teeth are soooooo dang close to being in.  I've been able to see them for weeks, and I keep thinking, "They'll be in by tomorrow for sure!", and then they never are.  But that's fine by me.  They can take their time.  Gummy smiles are my favorite!

She likes to be up now so she can see the world.  You go girl, it's a beautiful world to see!  While Eden and I play, I put her in her bumbo seat so she can see what's going on, and she loves that.

As I've mentioned a thousand times, she's pretty much always happy.  Though she's a feisty little thing and doesn't hesitate to YELL at us when we're not doing exactly what Her Majesty wants.  She has the cutest little giggle.  She has the prettiest little smile.  She has the BLUEST eyes I've ever seen.  It's the first thing people always comment on about her, and sometimes they actually appear to be a violet color.  And at five months, this tiny girl is just starting to outgrow her 0-3 months clothes.

Her favorite toy is a squeaky sheep, and I'm so looking forward to the next few months when more favorites emerge and more of her personality starts shining through.

Also, she still fits on my chest to sleep, and that's the most important thing.  Because it's my favorite thing in the world.

She's actually sound asleep in my lap right now as I type.  :)  Annnnnnd we're moving to the couch!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cowgirl Up

Ila turned five months old yesterday.  To celebrate, Dustin and I took Eden and Ila to the rodeo.  Or I'm just telling myself that because Ila turned five months old yesterday, and let's face it - the day was mainly about Eden.

Ila, Mommy and Daddy love you lots and lots, and I promise I'm going to take your five month photo and write about how much I love you really soon!  #secondchildprobs

All Ila really did at the rodeo was LOOK AMAZING!  Are you ready, are you ready?

Oh my goodness, cutest thing ever!  The girl's rodeo fashion is on point!

So, I originally had Eden's hair all fixed with a bow, but when we got to the rodeo, she asked for a cowgirl hat.

Why sure thing, my little cowgirl!

We went to the petting zoo, and Eden fed and brushed all the animals.

She wanted to brush the chicken too, but I told her that she couldn't use the brush and needed to be verrrryyyy gentle with the chicken.  This apparently meant to walk up to the chicken in slow motion, poke it, and then jump back as fast as possible.  She did it over and over.

Then a little deer came up to us and started nibbling on Eden's hat.  And I was all, oh, hahaha, how cute, let me take a picture of this sweet little deer trying to eat Eden's hat.

Then I was all, okay deer, that's enough now, and I nudged him away.  So then he started eating my boot.  Like kinda viciously.  And I was like, "DEER!  STOP IT!"  And he didn't take too kindly to that and he went after my camera!  And I was literally sitting there playing tug-of-war with this deer over my camera strap.  I finally won, but then I was like, "We have to leave, this deer is being mean to me."  So we went and rode a pony.

Eden didn't just wave to us.  She waved to everyone all the way around the circle.

She was big enough to ride some rides this year!

And then some rides she was only big enough to ride if I rode too.

And that's cool, I was having fun riding rides with her.  Except for this one water ride.  Where you got splashed at the bottom.  And I wasn't really thrilled about that because I thought it was too cold to get wet.  But she, of course, LOVED that ride and had to ride it multiple times.  And Dustin was a slacker dad and refused to take his turn.

It looks like SHE'S there to support ME.

And then she played some games...

...and we piled all the stuffed animals she won around sleeping Ila.

It was a good day.  Because Eden was so happy.  And also because I ate corn dogs and curly fries and ice cream.

Then this morning, Eden got to dress crazy to go to story time at the library because they had a birthday celebration for Dr. Suess.  And that has nothing to do with this rodeo post, but I thought she looked super cute.

Now I have to go paint a number 5 on a onesie.

The End

Friday, March 6, 2015

a few little things...

Life has been slow lately; we haven't done much.  And I am definitely not complaining!  I'm enjoying this slow part of the year that comes after the busyness of the holidays and before spring and summer when we always seem to have something to do and somewhere to go.  Also, it's frickin' cold outside, so I am more than happy to spend the majority of my time at home in my sweat pants.  Stay-at-home mom perks.

So I don't have too much to report.

Eden got her first haircut last week.

It was time.  Her crazy hair was getting even crazier as evidenced by this picture of her with my dad (she helped him shred one Sunday).

That's after I brushed it!  Her hair was so many different lengths and going out in so many different directions!

And now:

Such pretty little curls!

We've been learning numbers and the ABCs.  We do a number and letter a week, and we're up to 5 and E.  I've also been working with her on writing her name, and she signed her name for the first time on a birthday card last weekend.

some photos of Eden from the birthday party:

She LOVED miniature bowling and got VERY excited when she knocked down pins.

Dustin had a blast at this party too.  I'm actually not sure who had more fun - him or Eden!  He was running around like a big kid and won Eden over 4000 tickets to spend in the little store.

Check out this beautiful table that Mark made for Eden (and eventually Ila)!  I love it so much, and Eden is so happy to FINALLY  have a little table to eat at.  I could never find a little table that I liked, so a couple of months ago, I called my mom and asked if Mark could just make one, and voila!  It's gorgeous!  And exactly what I was wanting for my little old house.

The princess likes to drink her afternoon tea there.

Ila continues to be the happiest baby that ever lived, and her big news is that her bottom two teeth are allllmmmoossssttttttt in.  I can see them, but they haven't poked through yet.  Even with that, she isn't fussy and continues to sleep all night.  I swear.

and some sister love:

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Every Day is Valentine's Day

I'm definitely one of those girls who is into Valentine's Day.  Like, I can't understand why people DON'T like Valentine's Day.  Can't it just be a day to celebrate love?  Love for everyone?  Not just boyfriends and girlfriends and husbands and wives.  I liked Valentine's Day long before I ever had a boyfriend and always got excited to send and receive carnations to all my girlfriends in junior high and high school.  And let's not forget getting to decorate shoe boxes in elementary school to house Valentines cards from classmates!  Always very exciting!  My daddy used to send me flowers when I was in college, and I'm smiling right now remembering that.  Before I had kids, I actually baked heart shaped dog treats for Max and Drake and LJ and Sammy one year.  And this year, I had presents picked out for Eden and Ila long before I realized that I should probably get something for Dustin too!  See?  It doesn't have to be about significant others!  (Though I DID eventually get Dustin a gift, and I'm super proud of it as he is VERY hard to shop for!)

When I see pink and red, I am overcome with happiness.

We had a simple, little fun day yesterday.

Ila had a "First Valentine's Day" photoshoot.

 Eden and I spent the afternoon decorating hearts for our back door.

I love that Dustin always gets Eden (and now Ila) flowers too.

 "hmmmmm, what are those?"

"Whatever they are, I like 'em!"

These are the chocolates I got from Dustin this year:

He got the entire. dang. box.  FORTY-EIGHT Reeses.  He knows me well.

Yep, I love Valentine's Day.  It's so happy.  But really, I love every day.  Because every day is happy.  And every day I just feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have the little family that I do!

This past Monday, Dustin came home for lunch.  And when it came time for him to go back to work, he opted to take the afternoon off and take us to play golf instead.

It was the best day!  The three of us watched Dustin play, and every time he made it to the green, he would hand Eden his putter and tell her to come with him.

Eden was in heaven.

Dustin wasn't doing that great when we started, and I said, "Uh-oh, Daddy isn't having a very good golf day today."  A few holes later, after Eden struggled to get the ball in the hole, she came up to me and sadly said, "Mommy, I'm not having a very good golf day."  Dustin and I cracked up.  Ila and I drove the two golfers around.  And it's like really hard to drive a golf cart with a baby in one arm!

When we were done, Eden begged for us to do it again soon, and we definitely will!  The Easter Bunny will be bringing her a little set of pink golf clubs this year, and Dustin had better get used to us tagging along every time he decides to go play golf now!

That is the same hole (different angles) two and a half years apart.  And I love that in both photos, she's wearing outfits that Dustin bought her - the first one from his trip to The Masters and the second one from The Shell Houston Open.

Eden got to celebrate Valentine's Day at gymnastics on Tuesday.  She got to pass out and receive little Valentines from the kids in the class, and I made sure that she was definitely dressed up for the occasion because a few weeks ago, they had a Super Bowl week at gymnastics and I completely forgot, and I felt terrible when we walked in and all the other kids were wearing football jerseys and Eden was in her leotard!

We drive an hour to the place where Eden takes gymnastics (such is life when you live in the middle of nowhere), but it's only five minutes from where my grandma lives.  So she comes every Tuesday and gets to watch Eden and hold Ila.

After class this week, we went to watch some of my former students play in their last basketball game of the season.  Eden was highly disappointed when we got there as she had thought SHE was going to get to play basketball.  At halftime, all of the students not on the team went down to the court to play. Stacy, my friend and former teaching partner, asked one of the guys if he would get a basketball and play with Eden.  I told Eden that Jake was going to play basketball with her and to go down to the floor with him.  He went and got a ball and brought it back and slowly bounced it toward her.  Stacy, Jake and I were all under the impression that Eden and Jake would just be bouncing the ball back and forth at the bottom of the bleachers out of the way of all the big kids, but Eden didn't get the memo.  As soon as she got the ball, she took off for the court, planted herself directly under the basket and threw her ball straight up into the air.  There were about twenty kids running and playing and balls flying everywhere, but Eden had NO fear, she did not care about them at all, and she was determined to play.  Jake, bless him, stood next to her and guarded her from all the kids and balls the entire time, and she was so happy and proud to be down there playing.

After half-time, she came back absolutely beaming and all excited about her basketball playing experience.

Two other little happy pictures:

Ila wakes up every morning around six to nurse and then falls right back asleep.  At that point, I just leave her in our bed to sleep.  A few nights ago, Eden came to our room in the middle of the night, so the next morning, they were both there, sleeping right next to each other.

And last weekend, on the drive home from lunch, they both fell asleep in their carseats, but they never let go of each others hands.

Yep, every day is happy.