Saturday, December 31, 2016

Our Year

I had so much fun this morning looking back at all of our pictures from the year.  It seems like this year flew by, but when I look back at how tiny Ila was, it seems like it's been forever since she was that small!

Between remodeling a house and moving at the beginning of the year and being pregnant/tired/sick at the end of the year, I feel like I didn't document this year as well as I have past years.  Hardly any blog posts, fewer pictures, and barely any entries into the journal I keep of cute things Eden and Ila do/say each day.  I hope to be better at all those things in 2017!  It makes me so happy to have pictures and videos and blog posts and journal entries to look back on!

Some of my favorite pictures and moments from 2016:

 New Year's Day

 We went to a roller skating birthday party at the beginning of 2016, and Eden was AMAZING!  She skated out onto the floor like she'd been doing it her whole life (when in reality, she had only been once before, a really long time ago when she just walked in her plastic skates)!  She even won the limbo and had her name announced over the loudspeaker!

 Eden's 4th birthday morning

 This year we just had a small party for Eden at my Pops and Granny's house with just our families.

 Eden sitting in her new room!

 Our first night sleeping in our new house!

 first time to go swimming in our pool!

 the Lil Wrangler Rodeo (where Eden got 3rd in hay-hauling and tried mutton-bustin' for the first time)

 a day spent at Little Beakers Science Lab (Eden definitely seems to be a math/science girl... so far at least!)

 Eden meeting her cousin, Harrison, for the first time

 Miss Ila started gymnastics!

 I told Ila to "hold Sissy's hand", and she thought I said "head".

 Ila's 2nd birthday party at Dewberry Farms

 having a blast ripping open birthday presents

 Western Day at school

 Ila at her 2 year check-up

 monster cookies for Halloween


 Eden was Stellaluna for the Book Parade at pre-school.

The return of Mary the Elf... Dustin pretty much handled Mary for me during this Christmas season since I was too sick most mornings and nights to care about her.  Turns out, he's REALLY good at it! Much more creative than I am with her!

 Christmas morning

 She is her daddy's girl... ready to go see some deer, she says

 and Santa brought them a new trampoline to replace the one that blew away a couple of years ago!