Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Byyeeeee Summerrrrrrr!

So it's the first day of fall or something.  Not that you would know that by walking outside.  I actually just came inside from filling up the water trough with fresh water so Eden can go swimming in it when she gets home from school today.  Buttttt, even though we're still enjoying lots of summer activities around here and will be for a while, I am really starting to look forward to all the things we have coming up for fall - I ordered Halloween costumes this morning!  The fair will be here in a couple of weeks!  I bought Eden her "pumpkin pass" for the St. Mary's Pumpkin Festival next weekend!  We have plans to go to Dewberry Farms this year!  (Since we missed last year when Ila was teeny-tiny.)

We had such a fun summer!  Eden learned how to SWIM!  She was supposed to take swim lessons starting in June, but the night before her first lesson, the instructor backed out.  And I never could find an available private instructor again!  Have no fear!  SHE TAUGHT HERSELF!  At the beginning of the summer, she wouldn't even put her head under water.  On 4th of July, after watching a little 5 year old swim, she decided she could put her head under and started jumping off the side of the pool with her floaties on.  By August, she was able to swim a few strokes without floaties from me to Dustin or from Dustin to me.  And now?  She jumps off rocks and diving boards and can swim the length of the pool with no floaties! (As long as I stay right next to her in case she gets tired!)  

And Ila was just along for the ride all summer.  

Some pictures from our summer:

Oh yeah, I was there too!  Will somebody please take MY picture?