Friday, April 11, 2014

Flower Girl

All little girls should get to be a flower girl at least once, and Eden got the privilege this past Saturday when my brother got married.  The wedding was absolutely beautiful and completely flawless, but for me and Dustin, Eden was the star attraction.  (Sorry Marshall and Audrey - we love y'all!)  I never got to be a flower girl - something that I am STILL upset about to this day.  Really.  So I am so grateful to Marshall and Audrey for giving Eden this opportunity.

Eden had the time of her life.  The very first time I ever put her dress on her, she looked down at herself, said "oooohhhh" and started spinning around in circles.  Audrey picked out the most gorgeous flower girl dresses I've ever seen, and between Eden and Ava (Audrey's niece), I don't think I've ever seen such precious little flower girls.  They were little princesses.  I was pretty nervous about whether Eden was going to cooperate or not, but our outgoing little girl went right down the aisle throwing flower petals just like she was supposed to!  There was a slight incident when she got to the end of the aisle, said "more", and turned around and ran back up the aisle to go get more flower petals.  She was halfway up the aisle before my dad caught her, but it was pretty dang cute.  After the ceremony concluded, she ran back out just like we had told her to do.

At the reception, I could not keep Eden off of the dance floor.  She was out there jumping, twirling, clapping, throwing her hands up... the girl was a dancing queen!  And man oh man was she adorable! She finally fell asleep on my aunt around 10:30 but was wide awake again in time to send Marshall and Audrey off at midnight.

I can't take credit for any of these pictures.  I brought my camera but didn't manage to take a single photo that day!  I stole all of these off of my aunt's Facebook page.  I cannot wait to see the ones that the actual photographer got from the ceremony!

Monday, March 31, 2014


Wow, so March is over.

So, let's see... our March...

Well it started out warm.

And then it got cold.  Really, really cold.

But I was okay with it being so cold because it was so pretty!  And we bundled up and ran around outside stomping on frozen grass that Dustin didn't have to make for us, and it was so much fun until my power went out for five hours, and then I was once again saying, "F THIS, I HATE WINTER!"

Fortunately it was warm again by the very next day.  Texas is so bipolar.

A (somewhat) local children's toy and clothing store offers a toddler art class once a month, and I took Eden for the first time this month.  She LOVED it, and I plan to take her back each month.  The theme for this month was rainbows, and after the instructor showed all the kiddos how to paint a rainbow, Eden made this masterpiece:


The funny thing is though, if you ask her what it's a picture of, she'll tell you "rainbow".  She knew EXACTLY what she was trying to do!  She's very proud of it and shows it off to anybody who comes to our house.

They also got to make a rainbow sculpture which was nothing more than sticking colored pipe cleaners into styrofoam, but HOLY GENIUS Eden thought it was the most fun thing EVER.

"Eden, can you smile for the camera and show me your rainbow?" equals:

There are many nights that Eden insists on going to bed wearing her tiara.  I'm not sure how that's comfortable, but she screams if I try to take it from her.

We were pinch-free on St. Patrick's Day.

We started the day with green pancakes...

and ended it with a green bath.

The shirt she wore is actually a dress that my mom and Mark brought back from Ireland for her last year.  I love comparing her wearing it last St. Patrick's Day to this St. Patrick's Day.

Dustin took off work one afternoon, and we took Eden to the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.  When I went to get her dressed that morning, I tried putting on her little pink boots only to discover that she had outgrown them.  I was really sad for about a minute, and then I remembered that Dustin's mom had given me Dustin's first ever pair of boots.  I put them on her, and when I told her that they were daddy's boots, she was SO EXCITED!  She told EVERYBODY that she saw that they were her "A-da's boos".

We went to the most amazing petting zoo filled with sheep and goats and kangaroos and donkeys and llamas and deer and the cutest little Brahma calf you ever did see.

And what was Eden's favorite animal?  A freaking chicken.

Once she discovered this chicken, she did not care about ANYTHING else.  Dustin and I both were all, "Eden, look how cute this baby deer is, do you want to come pet it?  Eden, look, do you want to feed the calf?"  Nope.  She wouldn't leave her chicken.

She rode a pony, and I told Dustin that he had to be the one to walk next to her because I was the better photographer.

Wow, I'm super talented.  I did somehow manage to take a beautiful, clear picture of someone else's kid though.

After my less than stellar picture-taking, Dustin decided he better take over while I rode the carousel with Eden.

Oh, much better, Dustin!

My cousin called one evening and asked if Eden wanted to come help him in his garden.  I thought that was the sweetest thing!

He showed her what to do, and she went down the row all by herself... sticking her finger in the dirt to make a hole, dropping a seed in, covering the hole up...

By the way, I have the HARDEST time controlling this girl's hair!  No matter how many times I try to comb it down during the day, five minutes later, POOF, it's everywhere again!  It's beautiful, I love it, but it's not easy to maintain!  I feel like most people must think I don't even brush it, and I do,  I swear!

And now I am a happy, happy girl because it's officially spring - my favorite!

Some of the latest things that Eden does that crack me up:

"Taking" things off the pages of her books.  For example, if we are reading a book right before bed, she will pretend to pick up the cat or dragon or rabbit or whatever off of the page of her book, put it on her pillow and tell it "night-night".  If it's food, she'll pretend to pick it up and eat it.  We read Green Eggs and Ham all the time.  ALL THE TIME!  It is by far Eden's favorite book right now.  I can never resist buying her books, and so, she has quite the little library.  But she will choose Green Eggs and Ham EVERY TIME.  I pretty much have it memorized at this point.  Anyways, yesterday morning when we were reading it, she "picked up" a green egg off of the page and pretended to eat it and then told me it was in her tummy.  Then she "picked up" the other one and fed it to me.  When we turned the page, she "picked up" the green egg again and attempted to shove her fist inside Daisy's mouth... and so on with Drake and Max.  I would really love to know what she is thinking sometimes!

When we're outside and a plane or a bird goes overhead, she'll start jumping up and down with her hands in the air, and then she'll yell "I GOT!"  "Eden, did you catch that airplane?"  "Yeah!"

Daisy goes crazy when we blow bubbles and runs around catching them in her mouth.  So yep, you guessed it.  Now Eden wants me to blow bubbles so that she can try to run around and catch them in HER mouth.

This child.  She is so precious.