Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Ila - 14 and 15 Months!

Nearly 2 months since my last blog post?  Aye yi yi!

In my last blog post I stated, "I have a thousand different things going on right now, and I'm not on top of any of them!  I have hope though, that one day, I will once again be caught up on stuff, and I will write blog posts - especially these monthly updates - on time!  Because I really do love having this little blog where I can go back and read our little family history."

Obviously I am still not on top of things.

Our Ila Bug is 15 months old!  Can you believe it?  I can't!  Why does time speed up when you have babies?

 Ila at 14 months in December

Ila at 15 months in January

Ila is feisty and wild.  She runs, trying to keep up with Eden.  She's a tornado, destroying my house in the blink of an eye.  She likes to be held upside down, swung around, tossed onto a bed.  She is not capable of sitting still; she is constantly on the move.

Her vocabulary consists of "mama", "cat", "ball", "kick" (which she screams while running around kicking the ball), "day ew" for thank you, "pa" for paci, "ma" for more, and the word she screams the loudest: "GAH" which is short for again.

She stands at my feet, pulls at my legs, and screams "GAH", "GAH", "GAH" every time I set her down from tossing her up in the air or throwing her onto a pillow or swinging her around in circles.  Her little voice is so adorable, and she's always grinning up at me when she's saying it, so of course, she always gets her way.

Girl still loves to eat.  Anything and everything.  We went out for crawfish last Friday, and she went to town on them.  Other than pointing to her cup of water more than usual, the spiciness didn't seem to bother her.  Dustin was super proud.

Besides me, Eden, and Dustin, her favorite person is Pops.  (my grandpa)

For as wild and crazy as she is, when it's time for her to go in her carseat, she is a complete angel.  I guess she is so used to riding around to all of Eden's various activities, and also, since we live out in the country, it takes us a good 25 minutes to drive to a restaurant or the grocery store or wherever, so she's used to it.  But more than that, she seems to like it.  I think her carseat is actually a comforting, safe place for her, and she gets excited whenever I buckle her in.

We have not managed to cut back on paci use at all.

She gives the cutest, softest high-fives.

She loves to kiss people, and the other night, Dustin, Eden and I, spend a good ten minutes sitting on the floor in Eden's room and having Ila kiss all of us.  "Go give Daddy a kiss.  Now give Sissy a kiss.  Give Mama a kiss.  Okay, now kiss Sissy again.  Now Daddy.  Give Mama a kiss now."  She simply just leans over and touches her face to yours and then grins.  It is so cute and sweet and precious and funny, and the other night we just kept going and going and laughing and laughing.

Oh, I totally forgot one of the words she can say now!  A couple of weeks ago, I went to take a picture of Eden and Ila in their matching pajamas, and after Eden said, "cheese", Ila looked at her and then busted out, "CHEEEEEEEEEE!"

We love her to the sun.

 chowin' down on Eden's 4th birthday

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ila - 13 Months!

Y'all, I am so behind at life right now!  I have a thousand different things going on right now, and I'm not on top of any of them!  I have hope though, that one day, I will once again be caught up on stuff, and I will write blog posts - especially these monthly updates - on time!  Because I really do love having this little blog where I can go back and read our little family history.

Ila is 14 months old today!  So here is her 13 month post...

This month she continued to eat.  A LOT.  Check out these pictures:

One morning, after nursing, Ila ate three scrambled eggs, a carton of yogurt, a bowl of raspberries and handful of cheerios.  Then she saw me hand Eden her Flintstone vitamin and thought she was missing out on some more food and completely LOST IT!

Eating is definitely her favorite thing to do!

She's also still way addicted to her pacifier!  We were trying to cut BACK on pacifier use, but we seem to have gone in the other direction.  She likes to have one in her mouth and one in her hand these days.

She also really enjoys taking all the contents out of all of the drawers and cabinets in the house.  I forgot just how destructive one year olds are!

She is so frickin' adorable.

She is part baby/part mountain goat.  I swear when she enters a room, she takes a quick scan to find the highest peak.  Then she climbs it, and I am forever removing her from the backs of couches and the tops of tables.

She makes us laugh every day.  As Eden says, "Ila is somethin' else!"

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Ila - 12 Months!

Ila turned 13 months old last week.  So this is probably a good time to finally get around to writing her 12 month post!

And it is a good thing that we are done with the laying down monthly pictures because MAN!  That picture was hard to get!


At one year, Ila loves...


Holy crap can this girl put away some food!  As I've mentioned before, Ila is (was) super petite.  At some of her check-ups this past year, she didn't even register on the charts and was in the ZERO percentile. She was never a bad eater... She nursed every few hours when she was a baby, and we never had any problems.  When we introduced baby food, she was content enough to eat it.  But she was never a baby that needed to nurse around the clock or needed tons of baby food to keep her full and happy.  She ate when I offered her food, and when the bowl was empty, she was fine.  I just figured she was a petite thing that wasn't all that interested in food.  Then we introduced TABLE FOOD.  Ila started eating all of the things we were eating.  Like, STEAK and SHRIMP and MACARONI AND CHEESE.  This girl will feed herself piece after piece after piece after piece of steak, and when her tray is empty, she SCREAMS for more.  And even with vegetables... now that I cut them up for her and she feeds them to herself rather than pureeing them for her, she eats and eats and eats.  She eats firsts and seconds and thirds.  She eats until all of the pots are empty and we have no leftovers.  Then I'll give her a couple of pieces of dark chocolate for dessert at night (both my children like DARK chocolate... weird!), and she devours them like she hasn't eaten in five days, when in reality, she just ate more than I did.  I still nurse her when she wakes up in the mornings, and then she can eat a bowl of oatmeal, a whole banana, and two scrambled eggs, and an hour later she's standing at the bottom of her high chair fussing to get in it to eat some more.

Needless to say, the girl is gaining some weight!  At her one year check-up, she weighed 18 pounds, which put her around the 20th percentile.  That's a big jump for someone who wasn't even on the charts a few months ago!

Ila loves...


Of every kind.  She gets so excited about our cats and dogs these days.  She gets to ride on a horse for a few minutes at all of Eden's horseback riding lessons, and she completely freaks out and gasps and kicks her legs in excitement every single time.  Feeding cows with Papa is fun too!  She has no problem feeding a cow a cube right out of her hand.

Ila loves...


She wanders over to the piano multiple times each day to bang around.  On the VERY rare occasion that I ever get to sit down and play a song, she hightails it from wherever she is in the house to come join me bang on the keys and mess up my song.  I usually play one of Pandora's classical music stations in our house throughout the day, and one time a song came on that was solely the piano.  Ila still rushed over to our piano to "play" along.  I love that she can already recognize the piano over the other instruments!

Ila loves...


Enough said.

Ila loves...


Ila goes where Eden goes.  She's actually really, really good at playing by herself.  (Something Eden STILL can't do.)  So when Eden is at school, she's perfectly fine.  But if she SEES Eden or HEARS Eden, it's like a moth to the flame!  She wants to be near her.


She is such a happy little girl - always smiling, always giggling.

She has jussttt enough hair for teeny-tiny ponytails on top of her head.  So teeny-tiny that you can't even see it in this picture because the bow covers it.

She's ticklish.  Oh so ticklish!

She's a mama's girl.  She's better about going to other people than she used to be, but she's happiest when I'm close-by.  (But if you want to be her friend, all you have to do is give her some food, and she'll forget I exist!)

"Mama" is still her only real word.  She already understands so much of what we say to her (for example, if I say, "Ila, do you want more water?", she picks up her cup and hands it to me), but she has no interest in repeating me no matter how hard I try to get her to say "more" or "dog" or whatever.  She just grins at me.

She is finally starting to walk over crawl.  It's been two months since she took her first steps, but it took her a while to choose walking as her main mode of transportation!  I thought she would walk faster because of Eden and wanting to keep up with her, but actually the opposite happened.  She could crawl much faster than walk, so when Eden took off somewhere, she would drop to the floor to speed-crawl after her.  These days she walks more than crawls, though she still crawls some.  I'm not real anxious for her to give up crawling altogether because I know it will make me sad.  It's a slow transition from crawling to walking - at least it has been for both Eden and Ila.  I remember the day it dawned on me that I hadn't seen Eden crawl in two days and how bittersweet that was to know I would never see my little baby crawl again.  So Ila can take her dear sweet time giving crawling up completely.

Also, her walking entertains me.  It's like a teensy little drunk person - arms flailing around, laughing, falling.

Those pictures crack me up.  Ila's goal at Eden's ballet class is to MAKE IT INTO THE ROOM!  So when a girl left the class to go to the bathroom a few weeks ago and left the door open, Ila rushed over.  Then, I kid you not, she turned around and slowly backed into the room as if she was being sneaky.  She was so proud to have made it into the doorway.  She cried so hard when I got her.


It's been a few weeks, but I so enjoyed her birthday and all the days surrounding it.  It was such a sweet few days of remembering.  Remembering driving to the hospital, remembering spending the morning in the hospital room with Dustin, remembering her grand entrance, remembering our first night with her and Eden coming to meet her and our time in the hospital and coming home and placing her in her bassinet for the first time and all that magical stuff!

So now I have a one year old.  And that's so fun and so good and so sad all at the same time!

Sunday, November 1, 2015

October in November


Our October...

We went to a pumpkin patch.

Big Sissy was too busy on the bounce house to cooperate for a picture in the pumpkins!

Check out how cute my girls were at the fair this year:

This year at the fair, Ila just sat in her stroller, perfectly content to just take in the sights.  I know that will not be the case next year when she's two, and, given the temper that she seems to have, I already dread the carnival part where she will not be big enough to go on the rides with Eden!

 The bands were her favorite parts of the parade.

 Eden and her friend, Lily, petting a baby chick.

This little kiddie roller coaster banged me around so much, I'm surprised my back didn't break! 
 I was so relieved when it was over!

 Neither the boots nor the headband lasted very long.

Halloween Eve:

Annnndddd Halloween:

So 2015 is the year that I no longer got a say in Eden's Halloween costume.  She wanted to be Anna from Frozen, and THAT WAS THAT!

So Ila got to be Elsa.

I also bought an Olaf dog costume for Green, but that little stinker WOULD NOT COOPERATE!  After I put it on, she first just acted like she could no longer walk.  Completely froze.  Stiffened up.  I had to drag her around.  But then she figured out how to take the costume off and managed to get it off of herself in under 10 seconds every single time I put it on her.  I was pissed, I paid good money for that stupid thing!

Anyways!  So the reason that I wasn't crazy about the Anna costume is I knew that everyone and their grandma was going to be dressed up like Frozen.  Sure enough...

That's Eden and Ila with their cousins.  These are just the kids that live on our road.  Literally 100% of the kids JUST ON OUR ROAD went as characters from Frozen.

Sigh.  But Eden was so happy!

My dad and Susie have a little playhouse for the girls at their house, and Susie had it all decorated for them when we stopped by.

After making the rounds with my family, we went to a party at a friend's house - where Eden ate a bunch of candy, jumped on a bounce house, and then threw up everywhere.  So we left early, put Eden and Ila to bed, and Dustin and I spent our Halloween night watching Jurassic World.  (Fine by me, that movie is awesome!)

Then this morning, Eden and Dustin decided that the thing to do with our jack-o-lantern and leftover Halloween pumpkins was to SHOOT THEM!

Dustin's parents came over a few days ago bearing Halloween goodies, and Dustin's mom made Eden an Olaf out of pumpkins.

They shot him too.  TOTALLY EDEN'S IDEA!  She said, "It'll be okay because it's not the REAL Olaf.  It' just pumpkins."

Our Baby Girl's first kill:

Annnndddd now we move on to turkeys.